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Some works


Lost to regain - The Hike
First travel report - performative reading with backdrops
in the Kunstraum Innsbruck on 3 September 2016

From 5 June to 29 July 2016 I went from Jena via Leipzig and Berlin to Rostock. On this hike I collected image materials and stories. Parallel to the action I reported weekly on my blog site - the communication with the audience was an essential part of this work.
Four of my alter egos from the future also reported to word during the hike.The hike and blogs are the main line for the "Lost to regain" cycle. See Working.
In the reading I assembled real events, excerpts from the communication with the audience and parts of the blog contributions of the fictional characters into a text.
Sketches, photographs and videos, hanging before painted backdrops, formed the installation background for this reading.



  Video Still from the Reading - I started in time-line 1 as Maria Peters
Video Still "Nobody Thinks of Greenland"
It shows the disappearance of Maria Peters from time-line
  Video Still from the end of the reading - I ended in the time-line 2 as Replacement 08

Video Excerpts from the reading, Kunstraum Innsbruck


The Red Thread through the labyrinth
Hiking performance and art procession
Der rote Faden durchs Labyrinth/The Red Thread through Labyrinth - for the exhibition 70 years of Tiroler Künstlerschaft on 14. September 2016
Curated by Georgia Holz and Barbara Mahlknecht


The exhibition 70 years of Tiroler Künstlerschaft took place in three houses of the association. My job was to lead the audience from opening to opening. I strew a red line out of chili, a march-music accompanied us. In front of the galleries and at an additional station on my way, I recited poetic texts -they told us about the (idealistic) art production, corresponding to the occasion of the anniversery.
I accompanied the lecture by positioning small plastic toys on two prepared pedestal- objects. I then asked two people from the audience to carry the pedestal-objects.
To the video on Vimeo

    First station - Neue Galerie
During the procession with podestal-objekts   Third station - on the bridge
Last station - Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, tent-object   View into the tent - wiht the inside intstallation "I love Atlantis" and
 the video "Horses in Labyrinth".

Video The Red Thread through the Labyrinth


The Second Attempt  – Reset –
Performative action for a video
Galerie A4, Innsbruck 2013/14


Action to paint over a globe on New Year´s Eve 2013/2014. Maria Peters and Gunter Bakay paint over all the names, places, countries, national borders and other labels invented by man on a globe.
A poetic guesture.
Go to video on

    Photograph of the action, 2013
Photograph of the action, 2013   The finished object, 2013

Video The Second Attempt - Reset -


Michel Houellebecq Talks to Sigmar Polke / Salon
Performance, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck 06.03. 2012


Reading performance with songs for the opening of the new event format “Salon” organized by the Tiroler Künstlerschaft.
The performance took place within the spatial installation Résidence Modulaire by Vienna-based artist Rainer Prohaska, which he designed for events in the context of his exhibition project.
I performed a text-montage on the theme “Salon”, comprising quotations and my own texts. Musical accompaniment: Christoph Rösl (tenor) and Stefan Neuner (guitar) with 18th century songs.


    Video still of the performance, 2012

Video still, 2012
During my performance I put flyers with texts down on the table object by Rainer Prohaska. In the background is the painting that gave me the title, painted for the action.
  Michel Houellebecq Talks to Sigmar Polke
Gouache on canvas, 100 x 120 cm, 2012


The West-Eastern Divan
Reading performance, Galerie Artdepot, Premierentage Innsbruck 04.11.2011


A text-montage of historical and my own texts was performed against the background of a sound collage I had composed myself. I read the quotations directly from books, and fetched my own texts from a line previously mounted in the space, some drawings and small plastic horses were arranged in breaks between readings, or I cut open fruit (pomegranate and figs).
Go to text-montage (German)

    Video still, during the performance, 2011
Video still during the performance, 2011
The paintings in the background are by Southern Tyrolean artist Claus Vittur and were part of the current exhibition.
  Video still, audience after the performance, 2011


Winter War in Tibet - I and the Others


Writing performance to open my exhibition in the Stadtturmgalerie of the Tiroler Künstlerschaft, Innsbruck 2007


This gallery (which no longer exists today) had a display window onto a much-frequented inner courtyard in Innsbruck's old city. During the opening I began to fill the walls with writing. The public could watch me from both the inner courtyard and from the second gallery room (this was separated off using a thick transparent film) but they could not speak to me. I had minimalist camping equipment with me and worked and lived in the gallery for three days and two nights - until the walls were completely covered in writing.

    View of the exhibition at the end of the action, 2007
Video still, self-taken while writing, 2007   View of the exhibition at the end of the action, 2007

Video still, self-taken while cooking in the gallery, 2007


In the second room (also accessible during the opening) I had installed Thangkas (rolled paintings on fabric) and a graphic. SET THIS HOUSE IN ORDER is the title of a book about a multiple personality by Mutt Ruff. It was laid out in a German language version for visitors to the gallery.

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